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Portland Bitters


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Why would you spend your hard-earned cash on these bitters? Because they’re thoughtfully made better. We turn the best organic botanicals into concentrated flavors that play on all levels of your palate. Whereas other craft bitters might make six-to-eight cocktails per ounce, ours will give you twenty-to-forty! You won’t find a shred of artificial coloring, and nothing to thicken them. 


Here’s our transparent process: we steep whole botanicals in organic, non-GMO cane spirits. We let them mingle for up to ten days. Then we take out all those bits and we’re left with gorgeous tinctures. Then we add some raw sugar and Portland water to make all those beautiful flavors bloom. We put them in amber glass bottles with dropper tops, because quality shouldn’t be shaken around in unknown quantities. It should be applied with care. (that means gluten-free and grain-free)  

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Aromatic, Cacao, Lavender, Orange, Rose, Super Spice, Woodland


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