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Ben’s Garden Crystal Oval Paperweights


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French crystal produces a brilliant, sparkling effect and is dramatically heavier than traditional glass. This French crystal oval paperweight features vintage typeset written on a natural background and the back is felted.

Each is individually handcrafted in our New York Studio and measures 4″ x 2.75″ x 7/8.” A folded card explaining the decoupage process accompanies each piece.

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A Girl Should Be Two Things, A Teacher Is Like A Candle, A Teacher Takes A Hand, Adventure is Worthwhile, All That I Am, An Awesome Teacher Is Very Hard, Anything Is Possible With, Dance As Though, Give A Girl The Right Shoes, Go Confidently, If I know What Love Is, If you live to be a hundred, If You Obey, Just When the Caterpillar, Life should not only be lived, My Mother Is A Neverending, Once In A While Right In The Middle, She Decided To Live, Some People Are Settling, Supreme Art Of The Teacher, Teachers Who Love Teaching, The Best Is Yet To Be, The Future Belongs, The Kind Words Of A Teacher, We'll Be Friends Forever, Why Just Fit In, You Are So Much Sunshine, You Can't Direct The Wind, You're Off To Great


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