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Why a mask?

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If you’ve ever been in our shop, you know I’m pretty much an open book. We chitchat, we talk about our lives, and we laugh…a lot. But if you’ve only seen me here, my main priority is to come to you with information regarding the shop and the products we carry, in a way that’s full of light, humor and something authentically “me and my brood.” I don’t bring personal matters into the mix. I want us to have fun…you and me…like two old pals who were destined to be friends long before our first meeting. The last time I was with my Maid-of-Honor, (my best friend of almost 35 years) we were sitting on the floor of my shop, for hours, because she knows the dedication I have for this place and for my people, and “shop time” would be the only way to see me. If you feel like I’ve made you too close, too quickly, she can assure you, you’re wrong. I authentically love to learn about you, and once you support my dream, you become a part of me, even if the feeling isn’t reciprocated. But after an unfortunate incident on Saturday with a male customer who I’ve never recalled seeing in my store prior, who assured me he and his, “…Won’t be shopping anywhere that requires masks,” I realized I needed to be personal, and I wanted you to know exactly why I’ve made the decision that lead to such a reaction.
I was born and raised in Kentucky, I attended college in Lexington. Shortly after graduating, I took one for the team (as I like to say), and followed my Champ of a husband to Dallas in pursuit of his dream. I loved Dallas, but every day I yearned for Kentucky…it’s charm, it’s traditions, it’s people, my friends and family, and most importantly, my Maime. In 2013, Maime was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. The night I learned was the worst night of my life…the next day was even harder. Since that day however, we’ve picked ourselves up, and we’ve been “handling” Parkinson’s as it comes, some days, I must say, quite beautifully. When the opportunity arose to move back home, we jumped at the chance. My husband and I knew that one day my Mom would need someone with her, so we decided to build an addition onto my childhood home, keeping my Mom where she’d been for almost 40 years. The plan seemed perfect, until March, 2020, when our world was crumbling, and living with a 71-year old woman who has Parkinson’s presented a problem, one that could be fatal. When we returned to mostly normal business hours, we made the choice as a business out of concern for our family at home, as well as for our compromised clients, to require masks while in our shop, despite the risks that may ensue given the climate we’re experiencing.
Please understand, you most certainly have the right to refrain from patronizIng our business. But also please understand…when you verbally attack me for the choices I’ve made, you’re attacking someone who is trying to be the best daughter she can be. I’ve most certainly made mistakes in life, but the kind of daughter I’ve been isn’t one of them…that, THAT, I’ve done quite well. Regardless, I‘ve worked so very hard to not compromise professionalism at my shop or the people and clients who’ve allowed me to remain relevant during this time. I’ve offered curbside pickup and delivery for people unable or unwilling to wear masks. And yet somehow, I continue to disappoint.
For so many, this world has turned into a political boxing match, instead of a life full of individuals with stories. Had this person cared to hear mine, he would have realized my decisions have been, and will always be a story full of concern for the woman I love most in my life, and the clients who continue to keep me going. And if my shop isn’t for you, that’s okay…it won’t be for everyone. But please know, I’m not a corporation with 2,000 locations, I’m not a franchise, I’m not just a number. I’m a person, a real person, who’s designed her shop with each of you in mind. I may not always hit the mark, but my desire has been and will continue to be to create a world full of colors, sweet products with amazing stories attached, real conversation, and good, old-fashioned laughter. But I’m also a person with a family and other clients to consider. And if political boxing drives you, that’s none of my concern…but please, don’t throw me in the ring, because it’s not something that drives me…my Mother is however.
If you asked me if I would make the same choices now regarding my Mom after living through coronavirus, my answer would emphatically be, absolutely…yes…without a doubt, because even with the risk to my business, and the unfortunate side effects some people create, waking up every day knowing she’s but a stone’s throw away is oh-so-sweet, in a way I would have never imagined. There’s so much more she needs to teach me, and every day comes with a new lesson, one I want AND need to hear, to be a better person for you, and for me. She’s my North Star, and I’m so lucky I get to spend such time with her. For those of you disappointed in our decision, know we’re doing our very best, despite the crazy in which we’ve found ourselves. But we’ll be here for the rest of you, masks and all, and we hope you’ll find your way toward us for a bit of “light” during this time. Either way, we’re grateful to so many of you who’ve surprised us countless times during this new normal. You’ve supported us, you’ve loved us and you’ve made us happy to be here, and for that we’re eternally grateful…

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