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Hikers Brew Coffee Whole Bean


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Mile Marker

Our smooth Medium Roast is pleasant in flavor, and contains just the right amount of punch to keep your taste buds coming back for more!

Smooth, Well-Balanced

Colombian-Brazilian Blend

Medium Roast 

Red Rocks-Salted Caramel

Fan of Salted Caramel? This flavor is right for you! Made from our smooth medium roast coffee, this mouthwatering caramel flavor will have you falling into this canyon and never coming out!

Savory, Salted Caramel

Colombian-Brazilian Blend

Medium Roast

Yurt Dirt

If you like your coffee bad to the bone, our Dark Roast is an excellent choice for you! When you taste this flawless roast, you’ll be ready to take on any adventure!

Robust, Bold-Flavor

Guatemala-Sumatra Blend

Dark Roast 
Van Life
Start early mornings right with the perfect hint of flavor in your cup. The scent alone of our signature French Vanilla blend will rouse even the heaviest of sleepers. Rich and delicately flavored, this blend is begging to be enjoyed in the comfort of your camper van while you wander along mountain roads. Brew a cup, hop in the driver’s seat, and follow the rising sun towards the snow-capped mountains. Your next adventure is just around the bend.



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Mile Marker, Red Rocks-Salted Caramel, Van Life-Vanilla, Yurt Dirt


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