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Evan Williams BIB White Label


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Just like the nose, Evan Williams White hits my mouth with sweet caramel, vanilla, cherries, and figs, followed by a light floral nuttiness in the middle of my palate, and ending with moderate charred wood, cinnamon, and nutmeg. It’s definitely sugar forward with supporting dark fruits, nuts, and wood. The combination of dark sweetness, vanilla, mint, and something herbal that I can’t quite identify create a pleasant root beer scent. “Chewing” provides the same wave of sugars, but now I taste a little more fuji apple and marshmallow, as well as cinnamon, nutmeg, and buttery and coconut-y corn mash. The mint and anise is light, but that’s not surprising since rye only makes up 10% of the mash. The alcohol overall also is fairly moderated. If anything, the extra proof adds extra sweetness that help boost the flavors without much extra heat.

The finish is lightly sweet with caramel, marshmallows, and dried orange peel that transition into slightly bitter wood tannins and cocoa. Chewing allows the alcohol to linger a little longer, as well as the sweet corn, honey, citrus peel, and wood tannins. Anise, from the rye, finally comes forward after 20 or so seconds as everything else fades. Although Evan Williams BIB may not have the most complex flavors, it does a lot of things well, although I can see some not liking it, especially the nuttiness.

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I really enjoy Evan Williams Bottled in Bond. It’s quite sweet, but the nutty, woody, spicy, and dark fruity qualities help balance it all out to create a really delicious bourbon, though some may not love the nuttiness. The 100 proof also provides extra character without adding much harshness, especially nice for something that’s a “budget” bourbon. It’s similar to Jim Beam Distiller’s Cut, which is 5 years old and 100 proof, but not quite as complex as EH Taylor Small Batch (also bottled in bond).

While Evan Williams White may not be the most complex or interesting whiskey, it’s still a great combination of affordable (although I don’t take price into consideration when rating), delicious, and easy to find that make it a worthy and guilt-free daily sipper. It’s yet another excellent “budget” bourbon for you to try, and you may end up really liking it too.

As an aside, I can also confidently say that Evan Williams BIB is better than my bottle of Henry McKenna 10. I’ll even go as far to say that because Evan Williams is made in batches and therefore more consistent, it’s better than at least half of the Henry McKenna 10’s out there too. Did I mention that it’s also half the price of Henry McKenna 10? It’s something to consider as you journey out there for whiskey. Evan Williams BIB is just a really good bourbon with no hype and no overblown demand.


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