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Beyond the Glass Book by Dayna Seelig


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Kentucky has a rich southern heritage but blends culinary arts from several cultural backgrounds. I was raised in Lexington, Ky and on a horse farm in Fleming County, KY. The traditions of Kentucky Bourbon and wonderfully flavorful country food were a part of my life from childhood. My grandmother and mother cooked and baked with bourbon before it became the current world-wide phenomenon.

Bourbon and horses are hallmarks of Kentucky and the Bluegrass region. The Kentucky Bourbon distilleries provide the chef with many world recognized bourbon brands which enhance and extend flavors in a variety of recipes. Within this book many selections came from a family recipe book dating from the early 1900-1940s including multi-generational recipes dating before 1900. All recipes were carefully chosen bourbon dishes that have been perfected through the years and are guaranteed to become your family and your guest’s favorite dishes that will have them asking for more.

Many cookbooks have pages of text and include 150 plus recipes. Beyond the Glassincludes only the most coveted bourbon recipes that my family and friends request repeatedly. There is no need to search through countless text recipes and wondering if you have prepared them correctly. There are photos of finished dishes, serving suggestions, as well as stories about the recipe. It will inspire you to create a table your friends will enjoy.

This book would be the perfect gift for any bourbon-lover, chef, cook or inspiring cook in your family.


Hardcover book.


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