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Berto Vermouth Bianco 1L


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When it comes to naming key figures in the wine world, no list is complete without Kermit Lynch. Importer, writer, and winemaker, when you see the Kermit Lynch logo on a bottle – you know it’s gonna be good!

The first vermouth to bear the KL insignia, Berto is produced by Carlo Quaglia at Antica Distilleria Quaglia in Italy’s Piedmont region. Crafting both rosso and bianco style offerings, these super traditional vermouths are made with family recipes that date back to the 1930s.

While the Berto Rosso (red/sweet vermouth) gives Carpano Antica a run for its money (try it out in an Manhattan and tell us you disagree), it’s their Bianco bottling that is better suited for a hot summer day!

Made using Trebbiano and Moscato must, it is fortified with grape brandy and aromatized with herbs including bitter orange, absinthe, gentian, cardamom, vanilla, coriander, mint, mace, hops, thyme, marjoram, lemon, cinnamon, clove, rhubarb, and angelica.

Sure, you can mix up a cocktail with this stuff – but why mask its delicious flavor? Enjoy on the rocks with a bit of orange peel or in a spritz with a bit of seltzer water!


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