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Barrell Bourbon New Year


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On the nose, an array of fresh, primary fruits sits atop a creamy base of horchata and toasted nuts. The palate starts bright and fresh, but water unlocks a whole beehive’s worth of flavor- honey, wax, flowers and pollen.


Appearance: Goldenrod fading to a rim of lemon chiffon.

Nose: Distillate driven, but with ample variety of primary fruit flavors, among them gooseberry, apple, watermelon rind, and peach. The oak is fresh but quite gentle, smelling of vanilla, toasted coconut, and sawdust. Corn lends a strong creamy foundation of toasted almond, lemon curd, and baguette. Cilantro and wintergreen hint at some light rye spice.

Palate: Despite the strength and minimal tannin, sweetness lends a clear weight to the palate. It opens fresh and grassy, on Yorkshire pudding with mushy peas, genepy, and thyme. As it sits on the palate, juicy fruits emerge, notably persimmon, raisin, and black tea with lemon.

Finish: An initial burst of minerals: limestone, flint, and steel. These give way to a potpourri of herbs and spices: apple blossom, hyssop, wild mint and clove.

With a few drops of spring water

Curiously, the nose mirrors the development of the undiluted palate. An initial plume of chalk dust gives way to a fragrant bouquet of elderflower, rose, and lavender. Water also teases out a little oak spice, suggesting mulled wine and cola. The palate grows spicier too, exhibiting sassafras, nutmeg, and maple syrup. The finish, though, is where it really shines: honey, beeswax, hay, heather and gentian flower paint a vivid picture of a beehive on a steamy summer day.


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