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2018 Meinklang Burgenlandred


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2018 MEINKLANG “BURGENLANDRED” BURGENLAND, AUSTRIA. 60% Zweigelt, 30% Blaufrankisch, 10% St. Laurent. (Demeter-Certified Biodynamic) 

About: Located in Seewinkel, a remote enclave on the eastern side of Lake Neusidl near the Hungarian border, Meinklang is more than just a vineyard and winery; it is a fully self-sustaining family farm and eco-community. Inspired by Rudolf Steiner and Goethe, the Michlits family led by Anneliese and Werner Mitchlit took over their family farm over 20 years ago with dreams of a complete agricultural and viticultural project that exists in perfect harmony with nature. They began with organic cultivation, and converted to Biodynamics 10 years later. In addition to wine production, they raise cattle (the pride of the farm is not wine grapes but a herd of Angus cattle, which provide manure for fertilizer) as well as many other heirloom crops and wild insect colonies. Their vineyards are surrounded by natural ponds and cover crops of wild herbs and grasses. This combined with the wild insects, bees especially; promote healthy soils and natural pollination for a diverse ecosystem. Wines ferment exclusively with native yeasts and made with minimal intervention.


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