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2017 Brown Estate Zinfandel


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Garnet/magenta core with ruby rim.

Climbing rose, musk, myrrh, fresh English lavender, citrus, sweet clove, dark black fruits, Asian apple, hibiscus, candied apple, apricot taffy, morning garden, forest bramble.

Full-bodied, ripe, gentle tannins.

  • Composition
    100% Estate Grown Zinfandel
  • Vineyard Source
    Brown Estate – Big Field, Chiles Valley, Rosemary’s & Mickey’s blocks
  • Appellation
    Napa Valley
  • Barrel Aging
    12 months in 30% new oak, 50/50 French/American
  • Alcohol by vol.
  • Our flagship Napa Valley Zinfandel historically has borne the responsibility of being the ultimate representative of what our property and its unique microclimate have to offer — the cream of the Brown Estate Zinfandel crop blended into one stellar wine. As such, it is the most challenging Zin we produce because it requires commingling of several distinct personalities into a singular well-adjusted protagonist. The fact that each vineyard’s qualities complement and enhance the others’ virtues is a testament to the integration, fluidity, and perpetual motion — the balancing act! — that is Brown Estate itself.


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